Pet stains – odor control

Need help with pet stains? Do you notice the unpleasant smell? No problem! We have a new pet stain removal system that will get rid of those unpleasant smells. The new system is not like a deodorizer it doesn’t mask the smell, it gets rid of it. Its very affordable, make sure to ask our technicians about it.

Are you thinking about cleaning your air ducts? Call us for a free inspection!

Kornela in Schaumburg offers free estimates to new and old customers. We have a special camera with flexible head that we can insert into any vent and take a good look on what’s going on inside. Our air duct cleaning process consists of three packages that are designed to fit our customer’s budget and needs. Don’t hesitate to call 847-380-1298

What should you look for in a carpet cleaning company?

Here is a list of couple thing you should make sure every carpet cleaning company has.
- Certified technicians
- Truck mounted equipment
- Drying system
- No hidden fees
- No travel fees
- Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
- Pet/Child safe products
- Short appointment windows
and more

Protect your carpet from staining

One of the ways you can protect your carpet from staining is Scotchgard Protection. It’s a clear invisible layer that covers the surface of carpet and prevents spills and soils from absorbing deep into the carpet fibers. It is highly recommended by carpet manufactures and sometimes even required to keep the warranty. High traffic areas and stairs are usually the best places to apply the protector since those places get the most dirt.

How do you know its time to clean your air ducts?

Here are a few things that can alert you that its time to clean the duct work:
1. Accumulation of dust. Have you been noticing a lot more dust than usual?
2. Have you seen your electric bill skyrocket?
3. Does your system sound like its about to explode?
4. Did you undergo any type of construction. Air duct should be automatically cleaned after house construction.
5. Has it been more than 3 years since your last cleaning?

If you said Yes to any of the things above it means its time to clean your ducts!

Rug cleaning

Get your oriental rugs cleaned today! Don’t have oriental rugs? No problem, we clean all types of rugs! You can drop your rugs at our wearhouse, we can pick them up from you or even some rugs can be cleaned at your home! We offer free pick up and delivery services. Call us for more info

Is spring the best time to clean Air Ducts?

Have you ever wondered when it’s the best time to clean your air ducts? Well the best time to clean your ducts is between seasons, when you are switching from hot to cold air or vice versa. Another good time to clean ducts is if they haven’t been cleaned in the past two-three years. That’s two-three years of dust accumulation. Can you imagine not cleaning/dusting your house for 2-3 years? If you want to breath clean air call Kornela 847-380-1298 and ask us about duct cleaning discount.