Air Duct Cleaning

Are you dealing with a accumulations of dust? Are you noticing higher electric bills? Is your HVAC system working under heavy stress? Maybe its time to clean your air ducts?

Usually one of the first steps in indicating that the ducts might be dirty are accumulations of dust. Since the system is blowing all the dust from the ducts into the rooms. Duct cleaning its something that should be done every 2 to 3 years and even more often under special circumstances like home owners with allergies, pets or after water damage restoration. Our rates are very affordable we have 3 different packages that are designed to fit our customers needs and budget! Give us a call and see what will work for you

Best time to clean Air Ducts is Now!

End of the summer is here and soon we will have the house heat at full blast, but before we switch over we should clean the ducts and make sure that there is no dust and other debris that will be blown into the house. At Kornela we use heavy duty gasoline powered equipment that will vacuum most if not all of the debris from the house. Don’t wait until winter gets here. Call us for free estimates today! 847-380-1298

Power washing service

We have a great trailer mounted power washing unit with over 4K true PSI. Hot and cold water it removes literally everything. We offer:Porch washing, Garage floor, Driveways, Siding washing and more pretty much anything that can be power washed. We have very affordable prices for more info please call 847-380-1298